Filthy Genius: A Birthday Tribute To Garth Ennis
There might be writers more talented than Garth Ennis, but none are as bafflingly talented as Garth Ennis. Nobody else has such an immense capacity for complex human drama hidden beneath a surface so utterly drenched with puke jokes.

An unabashed lover of scatological humor, extreme violence, and v…
Jeremy London Talks Kevin Smith, Mallrats, and More [VIDEO]
One of the highlights of Geek'd Con for me, was the chance to talk to Jeremy London, the star of Kevin Smith's cult classic Mallrats. Mallrats is one of my favorite movies and I was pumped to talk to Jeremy about the original film and the up coming sequel...
Geek’d Con, Day 2: The Stars
Comic fans are still pouring in for Day 2 of Geek'd Con at the Shreveport Convention Center for a chance to meet the voices and artists behind some of their favorite characters in TV, film and animation
Mario Joins Game Of Thrones [VIDEO]
Take two things I love, mix them together, and you can make magic. I love me some Mario, and I love Game of Thrones...although I'm REALLY behind on Game of Thrones. Then again, I haven't played Mario heavily in over a decade, so I'm behind on that too...
Nerd Goddess Meg Turney Poses For Playboy [PICS]
Meg Turney pretty much owns the internet. She's one of the biggest Youtube stars out there, she successfully campaigned to make it into FHM's Hottest Women of 2015, and makes regular appearances at comic book conventions worldwide.
Turney has taken her next step recently, posing for Playboy Magazine:
They Tried To Kill Batman 20 Years Ago Today [VIDEO]
The headline might not be completely accurate. But on this day 20 years ago, the movie Batman Forever was released.
I was a kid, right in the wheelhouse for this release. I loved Jim Carrey based on his 'Ace Ventura' movies, I was excited to see Robin in a movie, they had bitchin' McDo…
New Batmobile, And Jokermobile Show Up [VIDEO]
The new DC Comics film Suicide Squad is filming in Toronto right now. Unlike most superhero movies, there have been a lot of picture releases of characters, as well as video from the set. Leaving little for the surprise element when the movie is released...
Top 10 Jess Harnell Voices [VIDEO]
For the next couple of weeks, I'm going to put together some lists of my favorite roles for each of the actors coming to Geek'd Con, starting with the 10 biggest Jess Harnell voices.

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