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David Lee Roth Had His Penis Insured? [VIDEO]
There are tons of stories and legends surrounding the Mighty Van Halen. Everything from insane threesomes to David Lee Roth getting fired from the band because our very own Flynt Stone slipped Diamond Dave some bad acid. The stories are almost as good as the music. But the newest story from Van Hale…
Van Halen Working on New Songs
All signs point not just to a full recovery and return to the road for Eddie Van Halen, but some forthcoming new music, as well. The guitarist, who was sidelined by a nasty case of diverticulitis last year, has posted a photo to Facebook of himself in the studio.
Eddie Van Halen Checks In After Emergency Surgery
Van Halen guitar great Eddie Van Halen recently had a bit of a health scare when he underwent emergency surgery due to a serious flare-up of diverticulitis, a condition impacting the intestine causing it to become infected or inflamed, causing immense pain.

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