I Smell A New Tattoo Trend…The Butthole Tat [NSFW VIDEO]
Tattoos may be a bit taboo for most of America, but they are a BIG part of the rock & roll lifestyle for both men and women. Getting inked is just a part of life. But, the newest trend in the tattoo world is just a little bit too much for me - the butthole tattoo. No, seriously. And it's getting…
How Does the NEW Van Halen Sound? You Tell Me! [VIDEO]
There has been a lot of questions surrounding the Van Halen reunion and we are finally starting to get some answers...Last week they put on an AMAZING show in New York and today we get our first taste of the new record. Check out the song and let us know what you think
The Best Tramp Stamp EVAH!!! [PIC]
Saw this on Tosh.O and had to share.
Seems as though this young lady was dating a tattoo artist and she asked him to put a tattoo of Naria on her back. Of course any good boyfriend would offer to do the work for free since they are "hookin' up", right...

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