Hot Drunk Wife makes “Grilled Cheese Sandwich” at 2am
This video starts up with a fellow walking down his hallway saying it's 2am and his wife just got home. Then he walks in the kitchen where she's making a late night snack (and drinking more wine). It's probably the drunkest 'drunk meal' I've ever seen...
Louisiana Cop May Have Had Sex With This Man While He Was Drunk
There are opportunities in life to a make a bad situation a little better by simply rolling with the punches and doing your best to show those in charge of your fate a little humility. Let’s just go ahead and get this out of the way right now – this story is not about that, but…
Go Home Goalie…You’re Drunk! [VIDEO]
I think at this point, we've all seen 'Drunken Master' with Jackie Chan. You know, the cheesy Kung-Fu movie about a guy who gets liquored up and kicks all sorts of ass. Well, in the Czech Republic, there are no Kung Fu masters, but there are extremely trashed goalies.
Check out the videos of this dru…
Have You Ever Been This Drunk? Funny Walk Of Shame Video
Whiskey can give you some TERRIBLE advice when you're out at clubs. Whether that bad decision has been "15 lap dances in a row from the stripper who looks like your high school crush would be AWESOME. Who cares rent is due tomorrow!?!" or "Sure she's 350lbs, but …
This Drunk Guy Wants His Mommy
Some pretty stupid (and wildly entertaining) stuff can go down when alcohol is involved, like going on an airport joyride while wasted. It's not the smartest thing to do, but it happens. There's also the embarrassing drunk scenarios, like the one with this dude from Florida.
Christmas Cocktails For The Holiday Season
You still having trouble getting into the Christmas Spirit? Not ready for the Company Christmas Party, the Sexual Harassment lawsuits, and all the annoying family you try to avoid the other 364 days a year? We completely understand. But, to help you get your mind right, here is a list of our favorit…
HellYeah Unleash New Video For ‘Drink Drank Drunk’ [VIDEO]
When it comes to getting f**ked up and having a damn good time, HellYeah is a band that wrote the sound track. Their latest bender driving banger, 'Drink Drank Drunk' just got the live tour/on the road music video treatment, and you can check it out after the jump.
Drunk Bears Fan Gets A Stripper Pole Beat Down [VIDEO]
Do you know what the best part about football season is? Sure, the games are great, but it's the drunken fans doing idiotic stuff that makes the football atmosphere so enjoyable.
For instance, take this average, drunken Bears fan. She looks normal. But when she attempts to do some tricks on a strippe…
Will a New Product Help Drunks Avoid a DUI Arrest?
Breathalyzer tests have long been the standard for law enforcement officers to determine who’s driving while intoxicated. But they may have met their match in a new product called Breathalyzer Equalizer.
The team that came up with the item will really blow you away.

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