As I've stated before, I was in Dallas WrestleMania weekend and there were a TON of highlights for me. I finally got to see Mick Foley and the Young Bucks in the ring. I had a long conversation with Sabu. Met Ron Simmons. Plus, Mania and Ring Of Honor were just awesome!

But for me, MY WrestleMania Moment, was being sandwiched between Wrestling Icons Scott Hall and Sean Waltman in the men's room. Seriously, I'm just standing there...minding my own business....and I glance over and see Scott Hall wearing a bad ass NWO sports coat and on the other side is X-Pac. These are dudes I grew up watching on TV and here we were sharing the most intimate of moments. I didn't get a picture or a 2 Sweet, obviously...but it was still a cool moment and we had a brief conversation at the sink.

So, me being a huge wrestling fan, had to share this experience with the world. And...well...Scott Hall saw my tweet and I don't think he found the interaction as awesome as I did.