Celebrity Deathmatch is Coming Back!
Look, a couple of months ago, I posted a story to this very website lamenting how much I missed Celebrity Deathmatch on MTV (here is the evidence for you). Well, apparently someone at MTV 2 listens to 99X because apparently the just ordered a pilot to revive Celebrity Deathmatch!
Check Out Every Kill From Season 5 of The Walking Dead! [VIDEO]
Season 5 of the Walking Dead was one of the bloodiest and most brutal seasons in the show's history. We saw everything from the Terminus folks slaughtering people like pigs to crazy zombie slaughtering to Rick just wrecking shop on all sorts of people. If you want to relive any of these moments…
Former WWE and ECW wrestler announces he is battling cancer
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Earlier this week, former WWE (WWF at the time) and ECW wrestler Jason Knight made the startling announcement that he is battling throat cancer, and that it's advanced. In a post on his Facebook page, Knight announced the diagnosis and declared "The ba…

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