Who Was Voted The Worst Person In Shreveport This Week
This week we introduced a new award, The Worst Person In Shreveport This Week.
Almost immediately, we had people bitching at us. With all sorts of reasons why this was terrible. From "you are just being mean" to "you guys should name more people on here"...
Pokemon Go Is Officially More Popular Than Porn
Congrats to Pokemon, it's king of the internet. At least for now. Which is still incredible, to dethrone the forever ruler of the internet is impressive.
The internet was made for porn. In recent years, various memes have tried to dethrone porn, pretty unsuccessfully...
Cool Pokestops In Shreveport & Bossier
Pokemon Go has taken over the world. There are people playing so aggressively there are police departments and departments of transportation are issuing warnings to players. Coworkers are getting annoyed, and some places of business are rumored to be banning employees from playing...
Vote On The Worst Person In Shreveport This Week
Today we introduce a new award, The Worst Person In Shreveport This Week.
Every week, we're going to put up a post about the worst people in town, and you will get to vote on who YOU think should get the award. We're not going to limit how many times you want to vote, but if you see someone on the li…
Pokemon Love Puff, But Puff Hates Pokemon
By now you're either spending way too much time and energy playing Pokemon Go! on your phone, or you want to punch the next person who references the game.
If you're in the second category, you're with Puff.
Our coworker here on 99X doesn't hate Pokemon, he used to play a ton as a …
The Top 10 Funniest Name Of Fireworks
Fireworks can be a lot of fun. They can entertain small or large groups; whether it's an entire city or just some folks in the backyard.
It's not just the sounds, sights, and scares that fireworks have to provide entertainment though. The creative names of fireworks can offer a few chuckles…

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