Black Sabbath’s Download Performance Surfaces [AUDIO]
Black Sabbath - sans Bill Ward - reunited at the Download Festival last Sunday for show number two of their reunion tour.
Tommy Clufetos stood in for the absent Bill Ward, who continues to sit out the group’s planned reunion due to a contractual dispute.
Foo Fighters ‘Million Dollar Demos’ Surface [AUDIO]
In 2002, the Foo Fighters were at a crossroads...
When they went into the studio to work on material that eventually became the "One By One' album, they had just come off a two-year tour,  various members were battling inner demons (read: Taylor Hawkins drug problems),  and th…
Listen to Adler’s ‘The One That You Hated’
Steven Adler‘s new trio Adler is back in the news and not because of comments the famed drummer has made and apologized for regarding Guns N’ Roses. While it’s a free country and Adler can say anything he pleases, he’s making some waves for an e…
Garbage Debut New Single, ‘Battle in Me’
The new Garbage record won’t be out until mid-May, but the band — perhaps taking pity on long-suffering fans who have waited seven years for new music — is treating us to a wealth of pre-release material, dropping the album’s leadoff U.K. single just two w…
Homegrown Picks of the Week – Round Four
Congrats to Lions May Cry, last week's round three winners - by an overwhelming margin!  You can hear Already Gone during the regular 99x rotation all this week!  Here we go with round four...two north Louisiana bands and one from Dallas, Texas...
Saliva Premiere New Single ‘All Around the World’
Saliva recently announced that they found a new singer by the name of Bobby Amaru to replace their former frontman Josey Scott. Now, the band has unleashed a new single ‘All Around the World,’ which is being premiered on the website of FMX 94.5 in Lubbock, Texas.
Stu’s News for 01-26-12
Pat Sajack admitted to getting sloshed during Wheel of Fortune.  Scientist know how to "cloak" things (don't tell the Klingons).  A Shreveport Police officer is arrested for solicitation and narcotics.  And we all have an STD??
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Stu’s News for 01-24-12
President Obama give the State of the Union.  Romney makes how much?  Shrooms may cure depression.  Hear the podcast after the jump.
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Alice In Chains New Music [VIDEO]
So, Jerry Cantrell said they were back in the studio, but they had no release date for a new album.
Keep in mind, there Black Gives Way To Blue took the band 14 years to make, since they had to get over the dissolution of the band, the death of Layne Staley, all the while Jerry Cantrell doing his sol…

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